The HBM Family

At HBM Hospital we are more than just a group of dedicated professionals working together… we are a family.   We are a large family – with over 70 staff in various capacities, some living on the HBM Hospital compound, some in the town of Lalitpur and others in the project villages.

We come from the local Lalitpur community, as well as from many parts of India.   We speak many languages (though Hindi and English are the most common ones).   We work together, we pray together, we play together, we sing together.

Like any family, we too have our differences at times, but are called to work through these considering each other better than ourselves.   Working through difficulties makes us stronger and more able to care for each other and serve all around us with Christian love.

Running a hospital and reaching out to local communities can be challenging – so we want to consciously live out the Emmanuel Hospital Association motto of being “a Fellowship for Transformation through Caring.”   Fellowship means spending our time and lives with each other – and going beyond just the professional to personally investing in each other.

TDSCN4631he HBM family is a family in transition.  We are growing and are blessed to have new folks coming in board – and have shed tears when our old friends move on to other places.

Do join us as a family – we are on a journey and we want to go forward, and grow deeper together.