Palliative Care

Palliative care services of the HBM hospital provide physical, psycho-social and spiritual support to relieve suffering and improve the quality of life of those suffering from chronic and incurable diseases.   Most of our palliative care is given to people who have advanced cancer.  We are also able to help people with end-stage conditions like heart failures, advanced lung diseases, progressive neurological diseases, long-term diabetic complications, and late-stage HIV/AIDS.

We believe and have experienced that every person suffering from pain and discomfort from long-term illnesses can have their condition improved dramatically.  We recognise that increasingly there are disease conditions that do not respond to even the most expensive medical treatments available.  Life has its limits and instead of trying to ‘add days to life‘ which often impoverishes the family and does not help the patient, our palliative care team instead helps patients and their family members ‘add life to days.’

The HBM hospital Palliative Care team has 6 years of experience of pioneering palliative care work in a rural setting.  Our team has won an international award in 2013 by the International Journal of Palliative Nursing.

The Palliative Care Team takes care of patients towards the end of their lives as well as of the family members and care-givers.

After the family members lose their loved ones, the HBM hospital palliative care team continues to help them by supporting them in their time of grief and in taking positive steps forward to move on in life.


The HBM hospital runs what to our knowledge is the only Palliative Care ward in a 500 km radius and has pioneered mobile palliative care support for people in a rural area.

The HBM hospital Palliative Care ward has 5 in-patient beds and 2 day-care beds with a ‘dharamshala’ to support patients care-givers and patients requiring long-term nursing attention.  Our specialised palliative care trained nurses are guided by palliative care physicians to help achieve the best possible care for patients with life-limiting conditions.

village visit by palliative care team

The mobile Palliative Care team gives home-based palliative care to patients within a 50 km radius of the HBM hospital.  This ground-breaking initiative currently cares for about over 70 patients with life-limiting illnesses.  Besides cleaning wounds, providing pain relief and home-delivered nursing care, the team also helps with whole person counselling.  By listening and giving caring words, the team lifts up the spirits of the patients and their family members.   Realistic advice, given with love, combined with spiritual care helps families make peace with each other and with God.  Strangely for some people, their last days of life can also be their best days.


If you have someone who you think may need palliative care – please call us at 8601804818 for advice and counsel.

leela didi teachingThe HBM hospital’s innovations in palliative care has resulted in our model being
replicated in a number of other hospitals across North India.

The team provides awareness talks about cancer prevention, detection and treatment along with information about palliative care.  These sessions are held for students in schools and colleges as well as at community gatherings in villages.

The HBM hospital runs a training centre for palliative care and offers a certificate course through the Indian Association of Palliative Care called the “Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care.”  Please contact us at: for further details on the next available course.