Clinical Services

24 Hour Emergency Service

The HBM Hospital is open 24 hours a day to care for patients in need of critical care.  All our doctors live on the campus and are available to intervene immediately.  We are thankful to God for the lives saved by our emergency care team.

Please call the 24 hour emergency hotline for immediate assistance:  9532913955 


Out Patient Services

The HBM Hospital offers trusted family-oriented physicians who treat a wide variety of sicknesses and are able to admit patients immediately DSCN4736who need in-patient care.   Our trusted doctors and nurses are available for walk-in patients during the following Out Patient Service hours:

  • 8.30 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday
  • 8.30 AM to 1 PM on Saturday

HBM has been able to provide affordable medical care to the people of Lalitpur and surrounding districts for many a generation.   We treat the whole family in friendly and professional ways because the HBM Hospital believes that each person is valuable in the sight of God.

With the rise of life-style diseases, the HBM hospital is developing wellness clinics.  the first one is a Diabetic Clinic which we run every Wednesday during Out Patient Service hours.

Over the years many expectant mothers have benefited from the HBM Hospital’s Antenatal Care services.  We love to see healthy mothers and healthy babies.   Our experienced lady physicians also provide ethical Antenatal Ultrasound services during the OPD hours.  We treasure every baby and are glad to help families welcome new life into their homes.

Vaccination clinic.  Child and adult vaccinations are provided on all days except for BCG which is given on the special Vaccination Clinic held every Friday.   Among the adult vaccines provided through the HBM Out Patient Service are tetanus, Hepatitis B (to prevent chronic liver disease and cancer) and Human Papilloma Virus vaccine (for prevention of cervical cancer in women).

On site support services

arun in labThe HBM hospital is blessed with suite of medical support services which allow the patients’ care to be given in one place with minimal referrals for off-campus investigations.

Laboratory   The HBM hospital laboratory does all the basic investigations needed for secondary level hospital care.   Our laboratory provides round-the-clock support for in-patients and emergency cases.  We provide clinical pathology, biochemistry and serology which are quality controlled by the CMC Vellore laboratory support programme.

Diagnostic Imaging services In addition to our ultrasonography, the HBM hospital also provides X-ray services.  These radiographic investigations are available to provide diagnostic support to our physicians.

ECG services  Electrocardiographs help our doctors understand basic heart conditions and are available for emergency cases as well.

Pharmacy   Our HBM pharmacy is run by registered pharmacists and according to ethical principles.  Our pharmacy is a vital support for our in-patient and emergency cases as our pharmacists are on-call 24 hours a day.   We are committed to rational medicine prescription and to providing drugs at affordable rates.  Most of our medicines are currently provided below the MRP.   The HBM hospital is the only health care facility in the Lalitpur district to have a narcotic drugs licence to dispense opiods like morphine to care for palliative patients.


In-patient Services

The HBM hospital pioneered in-patient care for women and children in the Lalitpur district.  Today we provide quality in-patient care for male and female patients of all ages, by resident doctors backed with 24 hour nursing care by qualified and caring nurses.

Maternal care  The HBM hospital is well known for its quality obstetric services.  We have the joy of helping many women deliver healthy children.  Our maternity staff are experienced and caring and this is borne out by a significant number of women coming from adjoining districts to deliver their children at the HBM hospital.

In 2015 the second phase of the new maternity ward was opened giving HBM Hospital a 14 bedded maternity suite.   Our birthing centre includes a labour and recovery ward.  This unit is directly attached to a operating theatre on stand-by for emergency obstetric services, as well as a neonatal care unit.  The HBM hospital is grateful to be able to provide comprehensive obstetric care.


New born care  Life is precious and small children are especially at risk.  The HBM hospital runs a fully equipped Neonatal Care Unit to help new-borns who require special medical care.  Our fully air-conditioned Neonatal Care Unit has 8 beds which have access to neonatal warmers and photo therapy machines.  We are proud of our nurses who have made this Neonatal Unit a stand-out care centre for new-borns in the Lalitpur District.

nursing care 2Adult and Paediatric In-patient Care   Sickness can strike at anytime and it is a comfort to know that there is a place where patients are cared for with compassion and dignity.  Our services aim to be affordable while not compromising on essential clinical care.

The HBM hospital is a 40 bedded hospital which includes a separate maternity ward,  neo-natal care unit, palliative care ward and a general ward.   We also offer private rooms.  The hospital is blessed to have clean airy wards with 24 hour electricity and water supply for patients and relatives.  For patients needing long-term care we offer a simple “dharamshala” for their attendants accommodation.

We are working hard to make the HBM hospital  known for excellent in-patient care which leads to whole-person healing.

Operating Theatre

The HBM hospital operating theatre is used for general surgeries and also serves as a back-up for obstetric services.  The operating theatre is well-equipped to provide surgeries under regional and general anaesthesia. We run the HBM hospital operation theatre with the emphasis on infection control and maintaining the standards of sterility.

Special Camps

Over the years the HBM hospital has been known for quality ophthalmic services.  Currently we offer special ophthalmic camps on a seasonal basis.  Many people have regained their sight at HBM hospital – for which we are very grateful to God.   Kindly contact us at 05176 273 230 to find out when the next camp is scheduled.