The Trap!

dr. tony BishwasTwo ladies, one of them pregnant, came to the HBM hospital one afternoon and were met by Dr. Tony Bishwas.
During the course of the consultation, one of women asked Dr. Tony to do an ultrasound so that they to find out the sex of the child.  Dr. Tony  shared with her that at the HBM hospital we would not do ultrasounds to find out the sex of the child as it is against our values as Christians – since every child is precious.

Most people want to know the gender of the unborn child so that they can abort it if it is a girl.  The Lalitpur district has only 901 women to every 1000 men in the 2011 census, which shows that systematic sex selection and female foeticide has been rampant.

Having concluded their consultation with Dr. Tony, the two ladies left the HBM hospital.  But they had scarcely stepped off the premises, when they returned – along with police and government authorities!  It was a trap to catch unscrupulous doctors who would tell the gender of the unborn child for money – with the parents performing abortions if the child was a girl!  But we passed with flying colours!

The authorities also asked Dr. Tony to show our ultrasound registers – which we were happy to do as the registers were kept up to date.   We are glad that the HBM hospital was able to be a witness through passing such an ‘integrity test’ conducted by dummy patients to find out doctors who conduct female foeticide.

As we work together to improve the health profile of the Lalitpur district, we trust that the work of the HBM hospital will be further appreciated by the various government authorities.  On a more sober note, we must see a social revolution to see families value girls as much as they do boys.  We long for a day when there will be the same number of women in Lalitpur as men!  That will only come when everyone treasures girls as being just as much God-created and valued as boys.


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