Laxmi’s story

Laxmi (name changed) is from a potter family and was married when she was 14.  She lives in a village outside Lalitpur town is now 58 years old and has 2 grown children.  A year ago Laxmi found a lump in her breast.  She went to a local Baba/healer who told her not to worry as ”everything is OK.”  Six months ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer at a govt  hospital and went for treatment to Bhopal but did not start cancer treatment as no guarantee of cure was given.  Looking for further cure she went to a doctor in Jhansi who did an ultrasound and told her that ‘there is nothing, you are fine.’

But Laxmi was not fine.  The lump grew and became more painful.

In January Laxmi sought help from the HBM hospital and was admitted for a day.  Here she came in touch with the Palliative Care team.  However, she insisted that she wanted a cure for the cancer.  On discharge, Laxmi went back to the Baba.  He gave her some oil and guaranteed her that she would get better with it.  Two months ago the tumour in her breast burst.  Though Laxmi was in pain, she continued to refuse the HBM Palliative Team’s offers for help and instead continued to apply the oil believing it was curing her.

Finally last month the pain grew too much and she agreed to be cared for by our team.  The palliative care team cleaned her putrid wound and taught her family how to dress it.  They also started her on oral morphine which provided her with a great amount of relief.

The palliative care team comes to Laxmi's house
The HBM hospital palliative care team visits Laxmi’s home in a village near Lalitpur

Today Laxmi is so grateful for the loving care that she is receiving from the Palliative Care team – and our hope is that we can meet more people like Laxmi – and help them to access care earlier!  Working with cancer is hard, especially as there are so many different opinions on what to do, and people often listen to what they believe is best for them.

Thanks to the patient follow-up and loving service of the Palliative Care team, Laxmi and her family today have received precious relief after having spent much on ‘treatments’ and suffering under the lies and deceptions of fraudulent ‘healers.’

The HBM hospital Palliative Care team is there to help.  We want to reach out and work with people with life-limiting illnesses as early as possible.  Do contact us if you know someone whom you feel needs palliative care.


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